Sicherheitsdienst – Jallow-Security an Ihrer Seite

Jallow-Security Protection is a German Company – in Siegen (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Frankfurt – the security enterprise which is available all over the country and, in addition, to his customers reliably all around the area of Protection and security.

Abdou-Rahman Jallow – more than 20 years bodyguard and security expert national & international – founded his enterprise based on knowledge and experience.

Security experts, former members of special units, former members of the security services and qualified security forces belong to the team.

Our customers estimate our work and we will maintain the trust sedate in us.

In the case of the legitimate interest, get in contact please with us.

Contact Person:

Abdou-Rahman Jallow, Managing Director Mobile: +49 160 75 27 077

Jallow Security